The Watersong is a full-length family-friendly musical adaptation of the classic novel “Hinds’ Feet on High Places,” next to Pilgrim’s Progress as one of the best loved mythic novels of the 20th Century.  The story follows a remarkable heroine – seemingly frail but revealing an extraordinary resolve - as she struggles out of a world full of fears into a new life of hope and promise.

Much-Afraid is a beautiful but crippled young shepherdess, living in a remote alpine village in the 1800s. Rejected by all her relatives, Much-Afraid has found friendship in the mysterious and unpredictable Iam, the king’s head shepherd. Her cruel uncle Lord Fear controls all the valley, and has chosen to force her into marriage with her brutish cousin, Craven. Terrified, she tells Iam, who then offers to help her escape.

When Lord Fear’s attempts to keep her under his control by main force have failed, he turns to a succession of intrigues and pitfalls to snare her into returning. His underlings - Pride, Bitterness, Snivel, Resentment, and Craven - join together to waylay the weak and confused Much-Afraid. To make matters worse, the Shepherd has chosen two unnerving companions to accompany her to the High Places: Sorrow and Suffering. Torn between a life of familiar fears and unknown suffering Much-Afraid falters, but eventually finds unexpected help and a hidden strength to overcome her fears.

The 22 original musical numbers recall the best of Broadway’s golden era, hearkening to cherished songs from My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, and Godspell, but with the contemporary flair of Wicked or Les Mis.

The play explores that fine horizon between heaven and earth, where broken mortals touch the infinite, and human hearts are challenged by faith in an unseen love. Through all there runs a stream of fresh encouragement for facing the daily struggle between hope and fear that is life.


Hinds Feet on High Places: The Watersong

An original full length musical

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