Invest in a play, change a culture


The rewards are more than financial.

How do you get people to drop their defenses and face the core issues that shape our lives: God, hope, fear, failure, sacrifice? How can you make a tangible stand against cultural decay on several levels at once: emotional, intellectual, relational, spiritual? How can just a few people counteract the base pop-media juggernaut filling the minds of children and young adults?

The Watersong is a unique opportunity to bring people to an epiphany - a moment that defines and changes lives. The message is captivating and goes to the root of our existence: is there a God, how can I trust, what if I’m hurt, can I forgive, how will I live my life, can I ever be free, what is my value, why am I here?

Audiences are drawn in through one woman’s journey from fear to faith.  The amazing power of allegory is that the story is as accessible, meaningful and entertaining for children as it is for adults. This is a show with drama, humor and beauty for everyone from 7 to 107.

The Watersong is a breakthrough production reaching a market that is almost untapped in theatre - the American church. Hollywood underestimated the size and economic impact of this group until churches of all kinds rallied around The Passion in 2004, taking it from a fringe project to an international blockbuster with box office over a half billion dollars. But not since Godspell has there been a musical theatre production with the broad appeal and spiritual substance to draw this audience to theatres. Watersong has the potential to be that show.

Because the Watersong is more than just a pleasant night at the theatre - our plans for the show are bigger than one production. They include showcase performances in all the major cultural centers of the United States, a national touring company to bring a top quality show to smaller communities, music CDs, animated DVDs, and more.

We are looking for investors who recognize the true value of wealth: the ability to change the world. We have a vision for how the arts can revolutionize the soul of a culture. And we have a great show that can entertain and connect deeply with literally hundreds of thousands of people. If you want to be part of the team that makes this vision a reality, please contact us.

Merrick V. Dupea

David GM Anderson

Cre8tv Media Group


The Watersong is a unique opportunity