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Arts Renaissance began in the 1990s as home meetings of songwriters, musicians and artists, called The Thinklings. People brought what they were working on, shared it, got feedback and encouragement, gave advice, and ate a lot of junk food.

The basic premise was that you can’t define Sacred Art by a set of rules and boundaries; it is the natural outflow of mature artists who are mature worshipers. Arts Renaissance was formed as a support for artists who wanted to become better worshipers, and worshipers who wanted to become better artists.

Since then Arts Renaissance has mentored individual artists, helped churches put on special seminars on the arts, led artist forums, provided equipment for arts in worship and evangelism, provided media services at reduced cost, and consulted with many churches about creative and effective uses of arts and media.

Arts Renaissance is led by founders Rick and Stephanie Dupea in Tacoma, Washington, and links artists with opportunities worldwide.

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dedicated to releasing genius in sacred art

Everyone is born with a bit of genius inside them. Think of how much a baby learns in 1 year: a foreign language, in fact the very concept of language, hand-eye coordination, balance and motor skills, laughter, math, patience, trust. Sometimes we misplace that genius along the way, but we can find it again.

Arts Renaissance can help.

Arts Renaissance is a co-sponsor of the Contemporary Arts in Worship Conference in Italy, begun in May of 2008. Bob Kilpatrick, Randy Stonehill, Mike Pachelli, Kirk Allen, Manuel Luz, Rick Dupea and others are teaching the next generation of artists & leaders in Rome and Naples. For more information, visit the Rome Blog page.

Arts Renaissance Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the State of Washington.