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A Deep History


A small company with a big past

Since 1985 Cre8tv has been helping produce nationally syndicated TV specials, music videos, car commercials, big product rollouts, documentaries, fund raisers, PBS series, TV show opens, logo treatments, point of purchase displays, infomercials, seminars, live events up to 15,000 seats, educational programming, marketing videos, corporate image marketing, interoffice communications, trade show displays, live HD broadcasts, and honestly we can’t even recall what all else. Whatever you can think of, we've probably done it — even if we don't remember it...


You know a lot of our clients by name. But to us, every client gets top priority during their production.


Creative Media Group got its start during the Golden Age of video, when founder Rick Dupea cut his first video in 1985: "Shucks, I remember walking uphill through blinding snow to gather enough windfalls to fire up the wood-burning VCRs. Then I had to walk back uphill to the edit shed, fighting off them wild, howling producers all the way.”  Yup, those were the days.


Extra Credit: CRE8TV

Q: How do you say your name: is it "Creative",

    or "Create TV"?

A: Yes.  



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